After our disposable panties and packaging were perfected, we were confident we could further improve other disposables - bras were our next target.

Bras are very complex, especially when developing specialty configuration bras- strapless and backless.

Again, we questioned: is there a better way to create these items? Can we improve products currently on the market?

After rigorous testing, we confirmed most bras on the market didn’t provide enough support or were difficult to put on.  We returned to the drawing board. We brought in experienced designers who specialized in swimwear bra design.

Utilizing our new team of expert bra designers, we created the revolutionary bra we proudly sell today. Our bras now are widely used in the medical and spa industries providing the best fit for all their clients. With innovative sewing techniques and careful assembly, we produced the best fitting strapless and bandeau bras on the market.

Following our impeccable development process, we have methodically added in-demand items to our SI Disposables line. We ensure quality in all we do; from our process to the final product. We are always listening to our customers, learning their needs, creating new ideas and new products, helping them serve their clients with excellence.