The SI Disposables story is built on two things:

Quality & Trust

For over 30 years, we have led the industry in quality of materials, testing, and acute attention to detail. We have pioneered all major advancements in disposables design, sterile products and clever packaging. Working hand-in-hand with world renowned companies in the Spa and Medical industry has allowed us to understand and respond to the changing needs of our clients. Our constant desire to improve pushes us to anticipate the future needs of clients and create the future today.

Every product that we sell has been thoroughly vetted and is the best possible product that can be put out on the market.

John Flannery, CEO

When someone buys our product, they know we have really investigated and know the right material and weight to use for each application. We are in the forefront and we always have been. We didn’t just change our story five or ten years ago, we’ve always been known as the Rolls Royce of the industry in terms of quality, sanitation and service. We care about our clients, we care about quality and we’re always thinking about the real people that trust our products in the most intimate way – against their skin. This is an awesome responsibility and one we take seriously and cherish.

We are real partners with industry leaders not fictitious partners on paper.

Kallee Newberry, Director of Operations

We know the Spa and Medical industries. They both are tough industries and can take aa toll on the people working in them. It is very stressful.  It has always been our company goal to become an extension of our customers and make working with us a simple, stress-free experience. When you place an order with us, we strive to make all our customers know their work is done- we will handle the rest. We must get it right every time – and we do.

Our clients’ just place their order and they get our top-quality products. We’re that reliable. It’s that simple. And we love that we are the one supplier that clients just don’t have to think about. Our clients don’t have to worry. And it means everything to us.