SI Disposables story started with a question. We asked ourselves, could we create a better disposable panty experience? Could we improve on then what is currently being sold on the market?

And the resounding answer was yes.

We could, so we did.

It is with this mindset we set out to create the best of whatever we decided to bring to the line.

We started with researching every aspect of disposable underwear and developed the best cut, waist band, material weight, sewing techniques-everything.

We tested everything, even trying out the items ourselves -- on real bodies to ensure they offered the best fit and we’re optimally functional.

Next, we focused on the packaging.  We reviewed other items on the market and found the existing packaging options did not meet our standards.

So, we went back to the drawing board, knowing we could come up with something better for our customers. We consulted with industry experts and discovered what was important to them. Time and again the answer “hygiene” kept popping up. So total hygiene was our goal. We focused on this issue and developed our own custom packaging. Each of our disposable garments are placed in a sealed bag, once a client has used the garment, they can then place the garment back into the bag and reseal for disposable. This creates a closed disposable system, only the client touches the garment providing peace of mind to both client and employee.

This closed system creates an ideal hygienic system for spas and medical offices.